Varunesh Sunthar

commenced B.S. in Computer Science at Oregon State University, USA, September 2021.


“When I started planning my overseas education journey it wasn’t as easy as what I had initially thought. Knowing that it is a major decision point that will pave the path forward for my future and I cannot risk any mistakes. Just weeks into the process, I was so overwhelmed with too many options but not sure which one will the best for me.

I am very grateful to have found Educational Link Consultants (introduced by my dad’s colleague) to help me with all my overseas education needs.

Mr Bill Lee & Mrs Ginny Lee are seasoned professionals in this field and were able to narrow down to a range of great options for me, which helped me to be more informed (from all possible angles, including but not limited to, course of education, country, financing, scholarship, etc.) in my selection process.

Both Mr Bill Lee & Mrs Ginny Lee were with me every step of the way… almost like how parents will be during the entire process. Even before my travel date, Mr Bill Lee & Mrs Ginny Lee were there to liaise with the staff from Oregon State University on my behalf to ensure everything is in place until I safely landed in Oregon and complete my student registration at Oregon State University.

I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank Mr Bill Lee & Mrs Ginny Lee for all your help, advice, support & guidance.

After two years of advice and guidance from Mr Bill Lee & Mrs Ginny Lee, I flew to Oregon State USA in September 2021 to commence my studies at Oregon State University.

Note: My parents are looking forward to seek further advice on overseas education for my brother and sister as well.”

Syukri Anwar

Postgraduate Pathway Program to Master of Psychology
George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia, US, August 2019


“I found out about Educational Link Consultants via Google and I’m glad I did. I went down to their office to find out that they offer a variety of programs ranging from bridging programs to postgraduate programs.

As I have completed my undergraduate degree, I decided to proceed with Edulink’s help to assist me for a flawless transition to the US for my postgraduate education. Deciding to study so far from home is not an easy decision but that is where Uncle Bill and Aunty Ginny come in. They are very helpful and willing to go the extra mile just to ensure that the transition to study overseas is as seamless as possible. Not only that, they also reassured my parents on any doubts they had.

I will definitely recommend Educational Link Consultants to any of my friends who wish to study overseas as well.”

Nickolaus Ng Cong Hin
L.L.B. Law University of Birmingham, UK, September 2018


“Educational Link Consultants Pte Ltd (Edulink) has been very helpful and beneficial in assisting me to apply for university and in consolidating required documents. Run by a couple, Mr Bill and Ms Ginny, I am thoroughly impressed by their overall service.

Firstly, Edulink provided high quality service from the beginning to the end. Mr Bill and Ms Ginny were prompt and informative in their responses to my questions, and there was good communication ensured between them and I. They also gave step-by-step guidance for the UCAS application, Visa Application, as well as details on what were the documents required by the university. They have definitely eased the burden of students in terms of the aforementioned applications, and have aided students in achieving a smooth and efficient application process.

Secondly, Mr Bill and Ms Ginny never failed to provide realistic and practical advice regarding university. Mr Bill commonly gave relevant and useful advice on visa application. His advice tended to be practical, such as reminding me to apply early for the visa to avoid delays and to give the time to mitigate problems should they arise. Ms Ginny, being a mother with successful children who had gone overseas to study, provided me with rather motherly advice on living abroad. This touched me, as she was willing to provide advice that was out of the spectrum of their services, yet was still relevant to my needs.

Thirdly, Mr Bill and Ms Ginny were highly approachable and friendly. It is evident that they are passionate about what they do, and their commitment and dedication translated into them providing an amicable experience for myself.

I would definitely recommend Edulink to future students for their university applications, as they have proven to be reliable and trustworthy alongside bringing high quality service in their trade.”

Evelyn Ng
BA Music, University of Birmingham, 2018

“I contacted Educational Link after realizing that I required an agent to help me with my application to the University of Birmingham. I was able to book an appointment with them quickly and easily. Ginny and Bill are nice and friendly, and most importantly, they were informative. They gave me a lot of advice on both my application and handy tips while living at Birmingham. I would certainly have glossed over many important things in my application if I have not met them. They are thorough and are willing to advise at every step of the application. On top of all that, they were efficient and I was able to settle everything rather quickly.

If you are thinking of applying to university through an agent, and especially if it is the University of Birmingham, I would strongly recommend Educational Link. Trust me, you will be able to go off happily to University with a peace of mind.”

Sheawin Leong
Started Foundation Programme in July 2017 with progression to
BA Psychology, BA Political Science, or BA Sociology


“After facing several unpleasant experiences with other agents, I was looking for another agent and chanced upon the good reviews on Edulink. After engaging their services, I have to say that Mr and Mrs Lee were exceptional in their service and went above and beyond their duty helping me with my university application.

Having been in this line for so many years, Mr and Mrs Lee are very knowledgeable about the universities in each country. They took time to recommend the best university for the course that I was interested in and gave heartfelt advice regarding each course.

Mr and Mrs Lee were also very reassuring and helpful and did their utmost to help me through the application process. Despite my constant questions and problems along the way, they always responded quickly and were extremely efficient.

Even when I departed, they would still constantly check in on me through email and asked me about how I was settling in. This was very heart-warming as I felt that I still had them to lean on if I faced any difficulties abroad.

Mr and Mrs Lee made the application process of studying abroad less daunting and scary and I couldn’t be happier I chose them as my agents. I would highly recommend their service to anyone who is looking to further their studies abroad.”

DANG Gia Han (Soomie)
BSc in Accounting & Finance, University of Birmingham, 2018


“Mr and Mrs Lee are very informative and helpful. They answered all my questions about studying in the UK thoroughly. Thank you for the great guidance!”

Razilah Subandi
Master of Business Administration (MBA)
University of South Florida, started August 2017

“I came to know about Educational Link Consultants (S) Pte Ltd while browsing through the list of agencies that specialize in education abroad. The reviews that I read were very positive and so I decided to choose this firm. When I was there, I was greeted warmly by Bill and Ginny, who were the owners of the consultancy firm. They were very professional and gave really good recommendations on the various schools that suit my interests.

About studying abroad, I would recommend students to be well prepared and to take the necessary tests here in Singapore, and to make sure they fulfil the grades required for admission. This will be easier for them to transition in the pathway program.

Overall, I would recommend Educational Link Consultants (S) Pte Ltd to anyone who are looking to further their education abroad. Be it if they already planned to do so or are still deciding. Bill and Ginny are very dedicated and passionate individuals, who will make sure that they see you through the whole process, gave professional advice, and all these without charging any fees.”

Tan Zu He ,
Bachelor of Laws Programme at University of Birmingham UK, September 2017

“I met Educational Link’s Bill Lee at one of the UK education conventions. Bill was very friendly and made sure that he answered all of my queries. He even followed up the next day by giving me a call and asking if there is anything else that he could help with.

I am really happy that both Bill and Ginny were with me every step of the way, from Visa Application to making sure that I have my accommodation settled. More importantly, I would like to thank both of them for giving me the opportunity to go for the scholarship interview.

Words cannot express how grateful I am to Bill and Ginny.
I will be forever thankful for the generosity and kindness that they extended to me.”

Jenny Hong ,
Commenced Irish Leaving Certificate program at The Institution of Education Dublin in September 2016.
After successful completion of ILC, progressing to study Medicine at Trinity College Dublin in September 2017

“My friends introduced me to Educational Link Consultants, telling me how helpful and friendly they are. When I went to consult them, I could tell that Bill and Ginny were very well informed and they gave suggestions that best fitted me.

They helped me in every step of the application process, liaising with the international admissions in my school, and helping me to arrange accommodation. Even after I left for Ireland, they would drop me an email once in a while to see if I was doing ok.

I would definitely recommend Educational Link to anyone who needs honest and informed opinion on different overseas schools”

Kamalpreet Singh,
Commencing Bachelor of Laws at University of Birmingham UK 2017

“I heard about Educational Link when I attended a talk held by the University of Birmingham for future and prospective students. I was approached by Mr Bill and Ma’am Ginny who asked if I had any questions or if I required any assistance, at that point I had applied to the university myself and had so many questions as to the upcoming steps and things that I would have to do. They very kindly advised me accordingly and told me to make an appointment to see them so that they could assist me further. After our appointment I had some ease of mind as they were not only knowledgeable but also extremely helpful. Seeing how professional and courteous they are, I will definitely recommend to anyone and everyone who is seeking assistance with their future studies to go and see them. Even as of today words cannot express how grateful I am to them.”

B Karthikeyan,
Commencing Bachelor of Laws at University of Birmingham UK 2017

“If you intend to pursue your undergraduate degree overseas in any university, do not look any further than Educational Link Consultants (Edulink).

For me, I was applying to study at the University of Birmingham. Edulink is an official Singapore agent of the University and have worked closely with them for more than a decade. Edulink had provided me with excellent university-specific advice as well as general guidance. They have guided me throughout every step and whenever there was some difficulty with some administrative tasks relating to the University, Edulink would contact the University directly and receive a prompt response.

Edulink’s Mr and Mrs Lee are very friendly and approachable and any prospective student would be at ease knowing that they are keeping a watchful eye on the student’s application making sure that no stone is left unturned.

There are many other local agents who assist in students’ overseas study applications. Many of these agents treat prospective students as mere numbers to boost their commission. I had a bad experience with one such agent. However with Edulink you can be assured that you will receive all assistance that is necessary in order to facilitate your journey into the next chapter of your academic life.

In a nutshell, go with Edulink.”

Basanth Sadasivan,
BA Combined Honors in Social Sciences, Durham University, October 2017

Bill and Ginny were immensely helpful and utilized their indelible knowledge of the British university application system to guide me through the entire process. They were efficient in their communications with me and made all the necessary arrangements on their end to ensure that the universities I applied to received my documents on time. They are clearly very passionate about what they do and the fact that they do not charge a cent for their services is additional proof that they genuinely care for their prospective students, and only want them to succeed in their future endeavors. Words cannot describe how grateful I am for all the help they have rendered to me, and I have no hesitation but to recommend them in the highest possible terms for any prospective student looking to study in the United Kingdom.

Jan Nikolas Iversen 
BSc Biomedical Sciences at King’s College London (University of London) 2015.

“I heard about the services of Educational Link Consultants through a friend of mine who was currently studying in the UK, as she has recommended their honest and helpful approach to all kinds of students who intend to study there as well.

Mr and Mrs Lee have been really sincere and helpful in their services of making sure that I have been able to secure a place to study as well as encouraging me and advising me on what I should do and pursue at the same time. They are unlike other consultants as they treat students as one of their own and want the best for them.

I am currently studying Biomedical Sciences at King’s College London (University of London).”

WANG Qixin William 
International Foundation in Engineering and Science at Queen’s University Belfast, September 2015

“I was recommended by a friend to Educational Link Consultants and have been impressed by their efficient and free services.

Bill and Ginny were very patient in dealing with my requests and queries, and guided my overseas study application process every step of the way. They genuinely care for the applicants and give check-ups and progress reports on your studies to make sure you progress well. I highly recommend their service to anyone wishing to study overseas.”

Bryan TOH Zihui
Year 2, BA International Relations and Management, University of Exeter

“With their vast experience and extensive contacts in overseas university education, Bill and Ginny really helped make my application process a breeze. They were meticulous and patient in guiding me through each step of the process, and their advice proved especially useful at the VISA application stage. I would recommend them to any student who is looking to continue their education overseas. Best of all, their service is free!”

ONG Wei Qi Jess
LLB Law at University of Birmingham, UK, September 2014

“I was lucky enough to meet Bill and Ginny at the British Council Education UK Exhibition. They have helped me immensely by guiding me through the complicated application procedures to study in the UK.

Bill and Ginny are extremely efficient and know the application procedures like the back of their hands. As it was my first time studying overseas, I was naturally very worried about the application process but Bill and Ginny were always there to guide and reassure me throughout the entire process. It is clear that they are dedicated and sincere people with the students’ best interests at heart.

I deeply appreciate their patience and guidance and would gladly recommend any students who are interested in studying overseas to Educational Link.”

Bryan SEE TOH Kin Kitt
BA Management with Marketing at University of Exeter, UK, September 2014

“EduLink provides a high level of service with great efficiency and dedication that cannot be matched even by the larger education consulting firms; all while keeping close ties and relationships with the students that seek their assistance.

Choosing and applying for universities is an arduous and complicated process, but with EduLink everything ran so smoothly and efficiently that I had various offers sitting in my lap before I had a chance to worry.

The strongest point that EduLink possesses is the care, kindness and warmth shown by Bill and Ginny to each and every student they take under their wing.

I highly recommend EduLink to prospective students, especially those whom have tried applying on their own but have encountered problems.”

Ryan Anderson
(Singaporean) Bachelor of Art in History at University of Leicester, UK, September 2014

“Bill and Ginny are a godsend. From the start, they put me at ease with their good advice in choosing the right university to study in the UK. Patience in explaining many times the intricacies in applying to the university, student visa, etc. and a kind understanding of the anxieties which a young student would face in going abroad to study for the first time. I am very glad to have chosen EduLink to process my application and recommend them most highly to anyone wanting to study abroad.”

Dean Owyang
(Singaporean) started Bachelor Degree in Medicine at Queen’s University Belfast, September 2013

“I got to know of EduLink through a friend when I mentioned I had no clue how to apply for further study in the UK.

Initially I wasn’t sure what to expect, but Bill & Ginny were very helpful and informative. They helped me with the UCAS application, and also the student-visa application process, which is essential for international students planning to study in the UK.

Not only do they provide information regarding the university and the various programme choices, their confidence in doing their job gave me a sense of assurance and comfort. They would always be available either via email or telephone should I face any problem.

I would highly recommend EduLink to anyone who is looking to further their study in the UK.”

CHAN Wei Jun, Marcus
(Singaporean) Started Law Foundation at INTO University of Exeter, UK – September 2013

“When I first approached Ginny and Bill last year, they were extremely warm and helpful. They ensured that every area of my overseas education and lifestyle was smoothly covered. They would give invaluable advice not just as experts in their field, but also as caring guardians who would go the extra mile for you.

In my situation, I applied to my school just 2 weeks before the term started. I was concerned that all my documents could not be ready in time but Ginny and Bill worked through the night just to help me despite having no obligation to do so. Furthermore, they send us e-mails regularly during the term time not just to make sure we are coping well but also to update us on any university news that may be useful.

Overall, I am very glad I chose to go to them for advice on my tertiary education. Their expertise, sincerity, care and concern would mean that I will recommend them to any student looking to go abroad for studies.”

Parimala Sivaperuman
(Singaporean) started her postgraduate programme in Dietetics at Glasgow Caledonian University, September 2013

“Ginny and Bill Lee have provided tremendous support and guidance in finding a suitable postgraduate programme for me. Without their encouragement and motivation, I would have not managed to obtain a place in Glasgow Caledonian University. They are genuinely concerned about the needs of individual students and go to great lengths to ensure the right education institute is chosen for them.

They even put in extra effort to follow up to check if these students have settled in and started their educational journey in a foreign land.

I will definitely recommend Educational Link Consultants to anyone who needs support and assistance in choosing the right pathway for their education.”

CHAN Nicholas
(Malaysian), BSC Psychology at the University of Sussex, England, UK. Commencement September 2013

“Prior to Educational Link, I consulted various education advisors to assist in my UCAS application.

Despite having only been referred to Ginny and Bill shortly after UCAS outcome, it did not take long for myself to notice the genuine concern that Ginny and Bill have for any student who walks in.

Ginny and Bill went above and beyond their call of duty to ensure that my transition to Sussex was well taken care of. You will receive invaluable advice and guidance as they share not only from the position of a consultant, but more importantly, also from the views of Mother and Father themselves.

As far as the quality of the universities is concerned, rest assured that you will be matched according to your strength as every represented university had been personally surveyed – even on location – by Ginny and Bill themselves.

I would like to extend my warm appreciation to Ginny and Bill for enlightening my academic path.

Cheering from Sussex
Chan Nicholas”

Jessica Lestari ,
Bachelor of Business (Culinary Management) in Melbourne Australia, started July 2013.

“My concern when I decided to study abroad was ‘how am I going to get the paperwork done?!’.

I was fortunate enough to come across Educational Link whilst browsing through the net for information on the university I was interested in.

University and visa application was a breeze. Ginny from Educational Link made it so simple. She went through documents thoroughly and was very efficient. Any problems I had were resolved on the very same day.

Even after I was abroad and had enrolment issue on campus, Ginny was very much still guiding me throughout the process.

When in doubt, consultation provided will be very helpful! I will recommend Educational Link for anyone considering studying abroad.”

Nikhil Nair
(Singaporean), Foundation pathway programme at INTO University of Manchester, commencement September 2013

“I managed to get hold of Educational Link’s expertise through a friend. In my first visit to Educational Link, Ginny Lee clearly explained to me what would my educational pathway be like. She explained to me the pros and cons of an overseas education.

Ginny’s kind nature would be appealing to anyone who would be interested in an overseas education. She would do her utmost to help you through the application process and even ensuring everything is set in place before we depart.

For everything she has done, Ginny did not once even take a single cent from me as her services were free-of-charge

I sincerely recommend Educational Link to anyone who has even the slightest inkling towards the overseas education pathway. I am sure that your queries would surely be answered.

I would be glad to vouch for Ginny anytime, and you could contact me at nikhilnair91@gmail.com

Best regards
Nikhil Nair”

ZHUO Bingyu
(Singaporean) – started Sept 2009 with Bellerbys College Oxford with Engineering Foundation. Sept 2010, progressed to do a Bachelor in Chemical Engineering at University of Manchester. Sept 2013 commenced Master degree at University of Cambridge.

“It was four years ago when I first consulted with EduLink on my future education. I would really like to thank Mrs Ginny Lee for showing me the path. Four years ago, I didn’t have enough qualification to any good university. Thanks to Ginny’s recommendation, I decided to take up the foundation course at Bellerbys College. After Bellerbys College, I obtained a Bachelor Degree in Chemical Engineering at University of Manchester. Subsequently, I obtained a place in University of Cambridge for Master program. All this only happened because of Ginny’s recommendation.

EduLink provides top class service, which does not end by introducing and enrolling you into the school. From time to time, Ginny will check on us to see if we can settle down, and also offer a lot of assistance in visa application. Thanks again for the excellent service.”

Amanda YU Xin Ying
(Singaporean) – BA Accounting and Finance at University of Exeter UK – September 2013

“I knew I wanted to pursue an Accounting degree in the UK, but had little knowledge of how to go about applying and which University I wanted to apply to. Thankfully, Mr and Mrs Lee guided me through every stage of the application.

I came across a few agents, but chose EduLink in the end, as I felt that they were genuinely concerned about the students’ well-being. The service that they provide felt very personal. They give sincere advices that are very specific to the individual, which sets them apart from the larger agencies. Also, they take the time and effort to recommend the universities that they feel will suit their students best.

With their continuous help, my university and visa application was a breeze. They also gave me a chance to meet with representatives of the University to clear any doubts.

I will recommend EduLink to anyone who is interested in overseas education, as I believe Mr & Mrs Lee will guide you along the right path.

Thank you so much for all your help since the beginning!”

(Taiwanese) started with Foundation programme in Physical Science & Engineering at INTO Newcastle University, UK in January 2013. In September 2013 Ya Wen will commence her BSc (Hons) in Financial Mathematics at Newcastle University, UK

“I came to know about Educational Link, and decided to visit them as I would like to study abroad.

When I arrived at their office, Bill and Ginny explained to me in detail everything that I needed to know about overseas studies, despite the fact that it was after their office closing time. They were really helpful and asked me to go back and think over carefully about the choices of major that I would like to specialize at the university level. They really care for their students.

They even make yearly trips to visit the universities that their students will be studying at. My parents and I are very grateful.

Thank you Educational Link for this wonderful opportunity.”

Larissa WOON Ching Wen
(Singaporean) commenced Bachelor of Business Management at RMIT University Melbourne – 2nd semester 2013

“Hi, my name is Larissa, and I used to be enrolled in RMIT’s offshore program. Sometime in June 2013, I was starting to face some problems regarding my transfer to Melbourne City Campus as my fourth semester results were withheld by NTEU indefinitely.

Fortunately for me, I was provided a list of RMIT agents and I picked EduLink.

I must say that I was initially very sceptical about appointing an agent due to bad hear-says but I was proved otherwise.

When I went down, Ginny listened patiently to my problems and offered some solutions that the school administration couldn’t provide. Emails were sent that very day, everything was quick and efficient.

It was very heartening to see that Ginny and her team are there truly to help students and resolving their problems especially in my case when time is running short and I am getting desperate and helpless.

I can’t thank them enough and I would be very glad to recommend students to them who might require their services.

Thank you EduLink and of course Ginny and her amazing team.”

HENG Zengmei
(Singaporean), commenced Bachelor of Law at University of Birmingham UK in 2012

“I got to know EduLink after visiting a booth at the UK educational fair organised by the British Council. They have helped to keep me updated with the relevant procedures that l have to do regarding my application to the university. In ensuring that my application flows smoothly, they assisted with the checking of my documents to ensure that I have prepared the necessary documents needed be it for documents to be submitted to the school or documents to be submitted for my visa application. I am currently doing a degree in Law in the University of Birmingham and will be graduating in the year 2015.”

Pauline Chew
(Malaysian), commenced in July 2010, Master of Occupational Health and Safety, The University of Newcastle, NSW Australia

“Two years ago, I stumbled upon the Gradschool.Com program offered by the University of Newcastle, Australia. This is a distance online learning program that was designed with flexibility in mind to cater for busy adults, who would like to further their studies but were unwilling to cast their work, social and family responsibilities aside. As the University is in Australia while I’m physically here in Singapore, I could not approach the university directly to get more information nor did I know whom to contact. Therefore, I decided to approach the people from Educational Link in the hope that they could shed some light on how to go about the application process.

Bill and Ginny were very willing to walk with me down this path and helped me with the application, in addition to liaising with the people from the University to get more information for me.

Since then they have provided me with much advice, encouragement and support. As well as rendering their assistance whenever I encounter problems with the University. They would also pass on any comment or feedback that I have to the people at the University to help the University to improve. Both Bill and Ginny has since become my mentors as well as my friends. Thank you, Bill and Ginny!”

LAI Yi Yan
(Singaporean), Bachelor of Commerce / Bachelor of Engineering at Australian National University, February 2012

“I thank God that He has chosen Educational Link Consultants to aid me in my application for university overseas. Initially, when I was trying to look for an agent, I went by faith and picked, not the conventional huge agencies but one that looked more homely and personal. Thanks to the other testimonials as well, I decided to contact EduLink, and it has truly been a blessing for me. Ginny and Bill have been very helpful and encouraging throughout my application, even when at times, mine required things to be fast. I could arrange for an appointment at the very last minute, and they would still happily agree to see me. This has helped me arrive at my destination on time, thus I am very thankful for them and their help. At the same time, like the previous testimonials said, my work with them was very personal, which allowed things to go well even when external hiccups arose. If it were possible to go back in time and choose again, I would definitely make the same choice as I have in the start. Thank you, Bill and Ginny”

Tyron Kwangmin Joo
(South Korean), commenced in April 2011 – BSc International Business Administration, Hult International Business School, London Campus

“First and foremost, I would like to thank Mr & Mrs Lee for their continuous support from the first time I walked into their office in the beginning of 2008.

Mr & Mrs Lee have broken my pre-conceived notion towards education agents: that they are all profit-conscious, and provide biased information, that favours institution that pays them the highest commission, which is a very common practice in my home country, South Korea.

During the entire process, Mr & Mrs Lee went the extra mile to provide me with excellent support and unbiased opinion regarding the process of choosing a suitable institution, plus several consulting sessions that were entirely focused on “what is best for me”. I have been treated more like their family member rather than just another customer, which I sincerely appreciate.

Their valuable support is still in the present form. It has never stopped even during my harshest time here in the UK. I had to fly back to Singapore to resolve my problems during their busiest time of the year. Instead of providing me a minimal amount of support as an “old customer” like many other consultants would do, Mr & Mrs Lee offered tremendous help and emotional support for me to get back on track, and I would never forget their efforts.

Therefore, I would not hesitate to recommend Educational Link to anyone who is seeking assistance for their tertiary education.”

Sherly Budi Kusuma
(Indonesian), Master of Arts, Design and Branding Strategy, Brunel University, London September 2011

“Firstly, I’d like to thank Mr. & Mrs. Lee for giving me a lot of insights when deciding my path for my Master program.

With patience and professional assistance, they guided me through the whole application process.

I was given the best options of Universities that suited my coursework, not just considering the reputation of the University, but also to consider the overall convenience and safety of student life I’d be living in. With a lot of experience living in London, Mr. & Mrs. Lee have suggested to me a lot of things in being practical, safe, easy and successful in doing my coursework, living in London particularly. In assisting me with my application, the process has been done fast and efficient for me.

In addition, with the help of Edulink, I was given the chance to meet and ask a lot of questions to the Representative of the University I was intending to apply to.

Wholeheartedly Mr. & Mrs. Lee motivated me to be optimistic and how to use my time wisely throughout my Masters study in London. Honestly, they treated me more like their own child rather than a customer. This is what makes Edulink different from other consultancies.”

YONG Jia-an, Ira
Ira (Singaporean) – started Law Foundation at Bellerbys College Oxford in January 2011. In September 2011 progressed onto Durham University for Law LLB programme

“EduLink has been extremely helpful in applying for my foundation college in terms of explaining what needs to be done. The senior counsellor, Ginny Lee, was of tremendous help. Even after I’ve completed the foundation course and was applying the visa for my university, she continued to be very helpful throughout. Thank you very much for your excellent service!”

Hayati Binte Munir
(Singaporean), BA Philosophy & English, University of Sussex, England, September 2011

“The best part about Edulink is that both Mr and Mrs Lee are genuinely concerned with the students’ wellbeing, providing thorough advice and guidance not only throughout the application process, but also in liaising with the university itself. As parents themselves, they are able to provide a realistic overview of how it would be, sharing their own experience with us as a form of reassurance and guidance for both parents and applicants.

Mr and Mrs Lee are both professionals with a delightfully personal approach and I appreciate every guidance and advice they have to offer. Edulink should definitely be your first choice as they stay true to their service philosophy – understanding, caring and sharing. Due to the personal approach, it is without a doubt that your experience with Edulink will be extremely satisfying and enriching.”

Lim Hong Yi
(Singaporean), BA Business and Management, University of Exeter, England, September 2011

“Many would agree that planning for an overseas study is never an easy task. From choosing a reputable school, to the visa and accommodation payment might deter you from stepping out of your comfort zone.

Educational Link has indeed helped me in sailing smoothly through the decision-making process. They have even gone the extra mile to teach me some student surviving techniques, as well as linked me up with senior students and fellow school mates. That helped to ease my anxiety. My parents and I are very grateful to the lovely Mr & Mrs Lee for guiding me through the preparation, and helping me to settle in comfortably in the new environment.

Educational Link is definitely a credible education consultancy that meets their service philosophy. This is just what parents and students need.”

Pel Panha
(Cambodian), Diploma of Business, Management & Economics, INTO University of East Anglia London, September 2011

“Educational Link has helped me to see all the options available to me after my Diploma, providing me with useful insight and an unbiased opinion on the pros and cons of the different countries and schools available to me.

They have been most kind and are always ready to help with a smile. Thanks to them my application process was a breeze and i would highly recommend this agency to anyone seeking oversea education.”

Eva K Pillai
(Malaysian) commenced in July 2011, Master of Neuroscience at Australian National University

“Thank you for your help with all my applications and getting things settled.

Once again, I would like to reiterate my appreciation for all your and Mr. Lee’s help and efforts with my Masters application.

Doing everything through Educational Link was the best decision that could have been made. Both of you have been so helpful and I am so grateful for the much needed advice and responses to my many queries.

Thank you!”

Liang Yuanbiao
(Chinese) – September 2010 started Pre Masters in Business Management at University of Sussex, England. September 2011 progressing to do Master of Science in International Finance at University of Sussex, England

“When I was at the crossroads of my life, Educational Link helped me out of it. They provided an excellent service when I wanted to study overseas.

Mrs Ginny Lee suggested a number of options for me to choose and helped me whenever I have a question. In addition, she always explains to me patiently. I really appreciate the assistance that Mrs Ginny Lee had provided me.

If anyone wants to study abroad, I will strongly recommend Educational Link Consultants.”

LIN Zhiyang
(Singaporean), Bachelor of Medical Science, Australian National University, February 2011

“I will recommend Educational Link to students, who needed advice for tertiary studies.
Mr and Mrs Lee of Educational Link provide professional guidance and personal advice to help me make my choice and helped me unconditionally throughout the application process.

Mr and Mrs Lee see each and every student as their own children, making sure they receive the best by making the right best decision.”

Dave Sah
(Singaporean), Bachelor of Art at Australian National University, February 2011

“I recommend Educational Link to students who wish to study at the represented universities. Mr and Mrs Lee are agents who are genuine and truthful towards the students who consult them. Not only do they provide good advice on procedures, living costs and other issues, they behoove us to understand our unique goals and needs. This shows that Mr and Mrs Lee are not willing to compromise on proactive and thorough service. Their personal concern towards students also sets them apart from larger student agencies. It has been a blessing to work with Educational Link, which prioritises student welfare over profit.”

KO Wen Xin
(Singaporean), Bachelor in Communication Studies, University of Cincinnati, USA (September 2010)

“I walked into Educational Link not knowing what I wanted exactly other than the university I hoped to be enrolled into. The consultant, Cindy, offered me choices on schools and advised on courses I could take.

Although I’ve only started considering my options 5 months before my preferred school term commences, which is very much later than most students who wish to go abroad for further studies, one session with Cindy assisted me in getting my engine started and going.

The plus point is, all other consultants there, including Ginny and Bill, were helpful and precise with their instructions. It is my great blessing to not only have their directions on enrollment, but also the extra mile they’ve gone to help me attain a scholarship.

To any student out there who are a little lost like I once was; your hope is in Educational Link.”

Keyan Choo
(Malaysian), commenced Law Foundation at Bellerbys College London in January 2010. Progressed onto undergraduate Law at Bristol University in September 2010

“EduLink offers good advice and assistance to prospective students, who wish to get an overseas education.

With the help of the experienced Mrs Ginny Lee, I was able to make an informed choice on my future prospects. This allowed me to enter Bellerbys College London in January 2010, and subsequently progressed to Bristol University to pursue a Law degree in September the same year.

I am especially impressed with their hands-on approach which guarantees that the student’s needs are catered for.

Hence I would strongly recommend EduLink to anyone, interested in an overseas education, yet is uncertain of which option is best for them, as EduLink would guide you to make an informed choice.”

James Tan
(Singaporean) commenced Foundation programme (September 2009) at Bellerbys College London. September 2010, secured a place at City University, London to study BSc Actuarial Sciences

“Mr. and Mrs. Lee are vastly experienced in their field, ethical in their dealings, always up-to-date with the latest trends in higher education, as well as the latest immigration red-tapes. Without a doubt, unsurpassed in their level of service.

Edulink has already been established for 10 years, which is definitely proof of their credibility and the incredible level of social capital they have built up over time. With their knowledge, Mr. and Mrs. Lee would then be able to fully appreciate your situation and render the most professional help and advice. The route to your successful overseas education cannot get any simpler than that!

So if you consider an overseas education a viable option, do come down and have a chat with them!”

POH Hong Rui
(Singaporean) – started Business Foundation programme at Bellerbys College in September 2009. Progressing now to do BSc Economics in University of Bristol in September 2010

“Exactly a year ago I was at the crossroads of my life where I had to decide which path to take with regards to overseas education. With the help of some friends, I was brought to Educational Link where Mrs Ginny Lee offered me a whole range of options.

Despite being a troublesome student, Mrs Lee was never impatient with me and was very dedicated in helping me find the right path for my education. She even took the time and effort to explain the benefits of an overseas education to me and my parents which was what eventually led me to further my studies in the United Kingdom.

I am really thankful for the help, as it really opened up my eyes to many new perspectives and opportunities.

When I was in the UK, Mrs Lee would email me to ask about my life there and how I am coping before reassuring my parents about my well-being. She would assist us on both sides to ensure that I wasn’t distracted from my school work from administrative and other trivial matters. Her dedicated service led me to treating her like a second mother, who would take care of our needs when we are overseas.

I was indeed very happy to see her visiting us at Bellerbys campus in London in March 2010, bringing with her the warmth of a family member from home.

Therefore I am very thankful for all the help offered by Educational Link and would strongly recommend anyone who is seeking an overseas education to approach them for their services.”

LEE Tzun-Tzien
(Singaporean), started Law Foundation programme at Bellerbys College London in September 2009, and secured a place to read Law at University of Warwick in September 2010

“Educational link is one stop education service provider helmed by Mr Bill Lee and Mrs Ginny Lee. They have been providing invaluable advice whenever I needed help, and what sets them apart from the rest is the level of service and commitment they offer to students. They offer a personal level of guidance which makes them approachable at any instance one needs help. Commission is secondary to them, for their primary and main objective is seeing students achieve their maximum potential and getting into the Universities of their choices, and this is a fact which many others will attest to. Though we have completed our courses, and their jobs as agents may seem completed, this is however, hardly the case. Like parents, their jobs will never be done and for they have offered further help to us which is outside their job scope. This is why I am extremely grateful for having found an agency like Educational Link, and I have not looked back since. Thank you so much!”

LOO Long Hui
(Singaporean), started Diploma in Business Management, INTO University of East Anglia in September 2009, now progressing to second year BSc Accounting & Finance at University of East Anglia in September 2010.

“Educational Link was the one I chose after scouting around with the other education agencies. I’m glad that I did not make the wrong choice as application to coming over to INTO UEA was a breeze with all the help I got from Mr and Mrs Lee.

The campus life here in Norwich is wonderful and I’m now looking forward to the rest of my university days. I’ll definitely recommend Educational Link to all who are considering studies overseas.”

CHAN Li Yuan
(Malaysian), Medicine (MBBS), University of Birmingham (2009)

“With numerous choices available for tertiary education, it’s definitely critical to select the right choice especially since this decision concerns your future prospects. Like many, I was initially lost and confused about making the right choice, especially after my first overseas university application was rejected.

Displaying pure passion and sincerity, Mr and Mrs Lee continue to advise me on other available choices despite my first failed attempt. For a whole year, they have been thoroughly guiding and advising me for which I was finally able to obtain a suitable offer.

Besides being able to provide up-to-date and accurate information about the universities, Mr and Mrs Lee always proved to be very efficient and meticulous while handling the application procedures. I am deeply grateful to Mr and Mrs Lee for showing their never-ending concern for my application for this whole time.

What is touching about their service is that Mr and Mrs Lee break away the barrier of a consultant and customer relation and help you as if they were your close friends. They never fail to give their personal recommendation and advice from their personal experience and go all the way to render their assistance.

Once again, I would like to show my deepest appreciation for their assistance and would highly recommend their services.”

Celestia Teo
(Singaporean), Business Studies, RMIT University, Australia (2009)

“Mr and Mrs Lee have been a great help in my application to RMIT University. Initially when my student visa was not granted on time and needed new documents from RMIT, I thought they will be unhappy to assist anymore. They proved my predictions wrong by showing their endless passion, patience and concern for me. They are people who are difficult to find these days. People who are willing to stay after working hours and being such great motivations.

Mr and Mrs Lee, you have become my second parents who always smile to me radiantly. You accepted my mistakes/weaknesses without hesitation and corrected them with pure- hearted voices. Now, my student visa has been finally granted is all thanks to you. I am very happy.

So, students out there who want to go for overseas studies, I STRONGLY RECOMMEND Educational Link Consultants – a place to breathe with great people to turn to.”

Denny Subianto
(Indonesian), Bachelor of Economics, Australian National University (July 2008)

“Choosing your university is a fundamental stage in life. It could be a great challenge and, sometimes, a risky one. When you need to seek professional help or advice…EDUCATIONAL LINK is the PLACE to be!

They offer solutions and help, spend time and effort…Just For YOU.

Personally, I’d like to thank Educational Link for guiding me to get into my university of choice.

Cheers and Good Luck to those who are yet to attend higher or tertiary education!”

Jessica Chow
(Singaporean), Law Foundation, Bellerbys College London (2008)

“I would highly recommend Educational Link to people who are really interested in pursuing a degree overseas. Mr and Mrs Lee are really helpful with information on colleges and universities.

Worried by the fact that I would be lonely overseas, they invited me over for a pre-departure meeting with other students going over to United Kingdom as well. I really appreciate what Mr and Mrs Lee did for me.

Thank you Educational Link for enlightening me and pointing me towards my future.”

TAN Jiale
(Singaporean), Undergraduate Economics & Finance, University of Exeter, England (2008)

“I chanced upon Educational Link by my friend who introduced it to me. Initially I was very unsure about my higher education route, I can’t seem to find a university that I would like to settle down in.

When I met Ginny and Bill, they offered their services with passion and sincerity. They contributed more than just an agency, I felt like they were my parents helping me out with my forms and visa for higher education in the UK.

Whenever I had any doubts, I would never hesitate to seek Ginny and Bill’s help, for I know they welcome any questions and queries and would do their utmost best to help me answer my doubts.

Educational Link is definitely the place to go to. If I were given a choice, I would choose Educational Link over and over again!”

TEO Yan Wen
(Singaporean), Master of Clinical Psychology, The Australian National University (2008)

“Edulink is not just a professional service but more importantly, a personal one. That’s something you look out for especially when each university and each course has its own requirements.

As a postgraduate applicant, I was most pleased to know that my application was well taken care of and Bill and Ginny took a personal interest throughout the process of my application. They were well aware of the features and limitations of each university they were recommending and provided sound advice from academic aspects to the living environment.

I am very grateful to them and would definitely recommend their services.”

Melissa Viswani
(Singaporean), Master of Arts in Museum Studies, University of Leicester, England (2008)

“After gaining an admission for a postgraduate course at the University of Leicester, I was pretty lost and wasn’t sure of the next step to take. One fine day I went down to Educational Link Consultants and met Mr and Mrs Lee.

The friendly and approachable couple explained patiently to me what other documentations I needed to prepare and all the other things that I needed to do before I leave!

They guided me through the arduous visa application process and even arranged for me to meet up with the International Officer from University of Leicester.

I am very thankful that I had approached Educational Link.”

YUEN Huay Shan
(Malaysian), Undergraduate Medicine, University of Birmingham, (2008)

“I came across Edulink’s contact details as I was browsing through the University of Birmingham’s website, trying to find out more about the university. I had a lot of questions about the university and the application process at that time and I gave Bill and Ginny a call the very next morning. They greeted me with warmth and immediately invited me to pay them a visit to answer all my questions. It was easy to find their office and they were extremely friendly and eager to help me with my university admission procedure.

What I like best about them is their patience when it comes to explaining all the complicated procedures that I had to undergo to confirm my place in the university. They gave me clear instructions, made sure I understood the deadlines and provided me with the necessary forms. They also gave me advice on how to live in the UK and how to shop wisely. In a nutshell, they ensured that I was equipped with all the necessary information to secure my place in the university and to be mentally prepared for life as a student there.

I know now that both applying to and preparing for university is a tedious and confusing process, but with Bill and Ginny, one need not fear that one would miss a deadline, mess up the visa application or encounter any other problem. They are friendly people, sincere about helping students realise their dreams in an overseas university and I am extremely grateful to them for the help that they have given me for the past 4 months. I would definitely recommend their services.”

NG Shiyang
(Singaporean), Undergraduate Law, University of Birmingham, England, (2008)

“Deciding on the right university might be a headache for some, but the application process that comes after it is definitely a challenge.

Mr. and Mrs. Lee guided me all the way and whenever I encountered obstacles, they were always prompt and clear on their advice.

The thing about Mr. and Mrs. Lee is that they really are concerned with my progress. Their sincerity in helping students is unmistakable.

The assistance they provide is complete, providing guidance from selection of school to the application of it, and then finally the visa application, which by itself is a complex and tedious task.

Work expertise, experience and the genuine desire to help are essentially the elements that characterise Edulink.”

Felix Lin
(Singaporean), BSc Renewable Energy, University of Exeter, England, September 2008

“I would like to thank Ginny & Bill for their patience, advice and guidance from the start to the end of my application process.

Whenever my parents & I have doubts, they will always clarify them promptly and professionally.

I am very glad that I chose Educational Link and would definitely recommend their services to potential students who intend to further their education overseas.”

Victor Paul Suresh
(Singaporean), who went for Postgraduate studies at Edith Cowan University in 2007

“I like to thank Bill and Ginny Lee for their patience and help in ensuring that all my paper work went smoothly.

I do believe that they have kept well to their Service Policy of understanding, caring and sharing. I could not ask for more understanding, caring and sharing from this Agency as they had provided me with the most of these three qualities.

I would like to thank once again Bill and Ginny Lee for their support, encouragement and advice.”

(Singaporean) who went to INTO University of East Anglia, Norwich, England (2006)

“Dear Mrs Lee, I really enjoy the campus life here and it’s very different from school days. I’m very thankful for all the arrangements you had done for me and I felt blessed to know you.”

June Chew & Rudy Zhang
(both Singaporeans), who went to The University of Birmingham, UK (2005)

“Mr and Mrs Lee offered great help in our university application. They are very dedicated and responsible people and were willing to stay back after work to go through the school application procedure with us. We are very grateful for their help and will recommend their services to students seeking education overseas.”

Karen Pang
(Singaporean), who went to Monash University, Australia (2004)

“It has almost been a year since I have enrolled in Monash University. I have been receiving great help from my lecturers, in areas concerning my studies. The lecturers never fail to reply our emails and always been reminding us to look for them once we have any difficulties with our work. They are really approachable and friendly. My lecturers have indeed helped me make constant progress with my work. They put in a lot of effort in their teaching materials (notes, online quizzes, extra reading information, tutorials questions. etc), allowing us to have a better understanding of the subject.”

GUO Shou Xuan
(Chinese), who studied at Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia (2003)

“I strongly suggest that you choose Educational Link. I am very satisfied because they provide excellent service. They are very friendly.”

Cindy Chan
(Singaporean), who studied Bachelor of Business at Edith Cowan University, Perth, Western Australia (2002)

“Educational Link has given me excellent advice and up-to-date information on the universities and their courses available. They even took the extra effort to arrange a session for me to meet up with an Australian university representative, to provide a clearer picture of the foreign educational system to help me make the decision. The overall experience and service from them have been amazing.”