Boarding School

What is a Boarding School?

Boarding School is a private school, where students live in student accommodation on the campus. Boarding schools are known for academic excellence, and is also a place where students are taught valuable lessons in a caring environment to prepare them for the real world.

The student accommodation is typically supervised by ‘house parents’ who are also members of the school staff. These ‘house parents’ act as the students’ parents away from home, taking care of the students.

What makes a boarding school different from normal day-school is the personal care and individual attention given to the students, both in terms of excellent academic teaching as well as mental and physical development, and character building.

Boarding Schools in UK?

Boarding schools In UK are known for their long history of academic excellence as well as providing excellent care service and student-support.

Many UK Boarding Schools have not only decades, but often over a hundred years of experience offering first class education to international students.

At UK Boarding Schools lessons go beyond the classroom, and focus on the student’s overall growth and development, which includes arts, music, sports, as well as other values such as humility, kindness, determination, and character building. These valuable lessons are very important to equip the students with the confidence to help them progress onto university, and later on into their working life.

It is not surprising that many successful members of society started their early education at boarding schools. Examples are members of the royal family, political figures, former heads of state, successful business people, professionals, well-known entertainers, athletes, etc.

Independence and Self Reliance

Students at boarding schools quickly pick up personal skills while receiving their education at the same time. They soon become experienced in managing their time, and as a result tend to mature faster and become more independent and successful in their life.

Cultural Diversity

Students at boarding schools come from many different countries and cultures. These students perform their daily activities with one another living and studying together. This interaction develops into friendship over time, and the students learn to respect and appreciate the differences in each other’s culture.

Self Confidence and Character Building

Every child is unique, and everyone reacts differently in social environments. A Boarding School brings out the student’s self confidence in a supportive social environment, where every voice is valued.  Boarding School students also tend to participate more in well-rounded activities, such as playing sports, participating in classroom discussions, team activities and social projects. As students learn what it takes to find success in a group environment, these on-going social interactions let students grow together, helping each other lay foundations for mutual respect and self-confidence which they continue on for life.

Boarding Schools are also known to focus on exceptional character development.

In a community that advocates values such as respect, hard work, honesty and team-work, students at boarding school tend to develop these valuable traits in their early developmental stage, thus gaining a good moral compass.

Looking for which Boarding School that best suits your child?

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Benefits of a Boarding School:

  • Inculcate independence in your child / ward
  • Foster better family relationships and communication
  • Ease of following child / ward’s progression through academic advisor communication
  • Encourage personal growth
  • Improve character building
  • Develop critical thinking
  • Intimate class sizes, with smaller student to teacher ratio
  • Safe and conducive learning and living environment
  • Develop interpersonal skills and qualities
  • Cultivate responsibility into their personal character
  • Embrace diversity and different cultural values and beliefs
  • Build strong foundation for post-education life

How Can Edulink Help You?

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